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Practical Projects for Your Bathroom Remodel

Practical Projects for Your Bathroom Remodel

Here are some tips for a bathroom remodel that’s both functional and stunning.

Bathroom remodels can and should include all the design elements you want to create the visual appeal you desire. However, don’t forget there are plenty of practical projects you can use to improve the function or safety of your bathrooms. In addition to restoration services, Smith & Son’s Contracting Company is also skilled in taking on your bathroom remodeling projects. Here are some of the possible changes we can make for your bathroom.

Shower Screen

Replacing your shower curtain with a glass shower screen adds elegance to your bathroom. Aside from the fabulous new look, you won’t have to worry about replacing old and mildewy curtains anymore. Glass shower screens are easy to clean and aren’t as harmful to the environment than purchasing new plastic curtains or liners. You can install a shower screen made from recycled glass.

Textured Tile

If your bathroom remodel includes a walk-in shower, consider replacing the shower floor with textured tiles. There are several styles of ceramic and porcelain tiles that are sure to create your ideal visual design. However, the greatest appeal of textured tile in your shower is its added safety. The textured surface and grouting help prevent slipping by offering extra grip and traction, despite it getting soapy and slippery.

Change the Drains

If your bathroom remodel requires changing the sink and countertop, try changing the drain pipes for a larger size. While the under-sink space will be further taken up by a larger PVC pipe, the wider tube should allow for more efficient draining while reducing the chances of a blockage. This change is a more functional recommendation than a design-centered one.

Add More Storage

Another practical change to any of your bathrooms would be to add more storage space. This addition can be in the form of medicine cabinets, under the sink cabinets or drawers, or even a linen closet. Some design trends come and go, but storage is always a plus in bathrooms.

Shower Window

Shower windows are an excellent addition to your bathroom remodel. A window in the steamy bathroom, especially the shower area, can help ventilate the room after a hot shower. Ventilating the space and dissipating the excess moisture prevents mold from growing in the often humid bathrooms. Additionally, a frosted or textured glass retains privacy while letting in ample natural light.

Bathroom Remodeling from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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