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How To Prepare Your Home For Snow and Winter Storms

Learn how to prepare your home for snow and winter storms.

Learn how to prepare your home for snow and winter storms.

Winter is just around the corner, which means that our home must be prepared for snow and below freezing temperatures. Winter snow storms can be very dangerous, as a blizzard will often cause power outages that can last for days. Continue reading to learn how to start preparing now for a winter storm.

Winterize Your Home

During the fall, it’s important to take the time to winterize your home from severe winter weather. This typically includes insulating the attic, basement, and walls to keep your house nice and warm. Your heating system should be cleaned and serviced every year before they are used, as they may develop problems over the spring and summer. Drafty areas of your home should be caulked to keep the cold air out, and the roof should be checked for leaks. Your roof should also be inspected to ensure it can handle the weight of snow, as it can get very heavy during a storm.

Landscape Maintenance

While winterizing your home, don’t forget about your yard! Before winter arrives, trim any tree branches that could hit your home or car in the event of a storm. Clean up your yard for stray and lose items that could be buried by snow, and keep everything safe and secure in your shed or garage.

Preparing For A Snow Storm

In addition to preparing your home for the cold weather, you should also be aware of what to do when a storm is approaching. First, it’s crucial to have snow shovels and other snow removal equipment in your garage or shed to ensure you don’t get snowed in. You should always have additional heat fuel in your home, as it can be difficult or even impossible to travel during a blizzard. Winter storms often come with power outages, so you should also have firewood for wood burning stoves or a generator with extra fuel.

It’s crucial to have necessities in your home at all time during the winter, as you never know when a storm may hit. Keep extra batteries, flashlights, candles, blankets, and an emergency storm kit on hand.  

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