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Preparing Your Children for Home Emergencies

Check out these tips on how to prepare your children for home emergencies.

Check out these tips on how to prepare your children for home emergencies.

The best way to protect your family and children is by giving them the information and tools they need to remain safe during in-home emergencies. This includes having serious conversations and even doing demonstrations about what they should do in these situations. Remember these tips when preparing your children for emergencies.  

Fire Safety

One of the most important conversations to have with children is about fire safety. Children are naturally curious people, which means that they need to understand the difference between what’s okay and what’s dangerous inside the home. Teach them the procedure for fire emergencies, where to go, and how to stop, drop, and roll.

Emergency Supplies

Keep emergency supplies within the reach of children. For example, your family first aid kit, flashlights, and even water should be within the reach of children. Teach them the proper way to use these supplies in case of a home emergency so that they’ll be able to care for themselves and help assist the family. It’s also a good idea to build a child-friendly kit just for them, to be placed in their bedroom or play areas.

Talk about Locks

Teach children the importance of locking the door when they come or and when they leave the house. If you happen to be in another room when someone comes to the door, teach your children that they should never open the door for strangers themselves, but rather ask for your assistance and attention.

Emergency Contacts

Your children should have access to your trusted list of emergency contacts. This, of course, should include teaching them the appropriate times to call 911. The contact list should include your trusted family members, friends, and neighbors. Anyone who would be available to help in an emergency and respond quickly. Write those names and numbers somewhere that the children can reach, like on the refrigerator door.

Include Technology

Use home automation and smart technology to assist in preparing your children to respond to emergencies. Smart locks, security cameras for the outside and interior of your home will help you check in when you’re at work. Teach your children how to use these systems as they are often equipped to dispatch emergency personnel to your home when necessary.

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