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How To Prevent Moldy Carpets In Your Home

Moldy Carpets

Anyone with carpets knows just how important is to prevent them from becoming moldy carpets instead. Try out these tricks!

Mold is gross and it can present some really significant heath concerns as well. It can also grow just about everywhere, given the right conditions. While mold on a loaf of bread is easily fixed, those expensive, beautiful carpets that you love are not so easily tossed away. If you’ve already suffered a flood or water event that has lead to mold, there may or may not be a way to clean up your carpets. If instead, it’s simply something that you worry about, there are some preventative steps you can take. 

Avoid Moist Areas

If you have areas of your home that are prone to wet or even moist conditions, consider that they are not suitable areas to have rugs. There are dozens of other flooring options that are much better suited to these conditions and won’t allow for mold growth and the subsequent health issues it can cause. Two areas of the home where this is the most true are in bathrooms and basements – there are simply better flooring options than carpets in these spaces.

Limit Humidity In The Home

Mold grows best in certain conditions, namely humid and hot. As best you can, control the humidity in your home. Use dehumidifiers during really humid seasons. You want to make sure that the humidity in your home stays below 60% at all times. You should also ensure that your thermostat keeps your home below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, especially when you’re away from the home for extended periods.

Clean Carpet Regularly

Dirt, grime, food particles, and organic debris (like skin cells) are all food for mold, and the more there is the more quickly mold can grow. Vacuum your carpets on a routine basis and steam clean them (or have them professionally cleaned) at least once or twice a year. This will help decrease the “food” that mold has to sustain it.

Choose Antimicrobial Padding

Carpet padding is a place where people are often tempted to cut costs. If you’re considering carpeting in areas that might get moisture, opt for the more advanced, antimicrobial padding. This will be more resistant to mold growth than other types of padding, which can help limit the possibility of mold on your carpets (since it usually starts on the dark underside of them).

Get Rid Of Water Fast

Finally, if you do have a water event, get the water out quickly. The faster you get rid of the moisture and excess water, the more likely you are to forestall mold growth. In the case of major water issues and substantial water damage, seek professional clean up help.

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