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How To Prioritize Your Kitchen Remodeling Projects

How To Prioritize Your Kitchen Remodeling Projects

These kitchen remodeling prioritization tips tend to save people time, money, and regret.

Undertaking any sort of kitchen remodeling projects, from a complete overhaul to an area-specific change, is a considerable investment. Planning and prioritizing what needs to get done can fast-track the whole process and help you establish a realistic and smart budget. Priorities of kitchen remodeling projects will indeed vary with the homeowner and the state of their kitchen, but these tips tend to save people time, money, and regret in the long term.

General Prioritization Tips

As mentioned, the specific priorities of different kitchen remodels will vary depending on the homeowner’s wants and needs, along with the existing state of the kitchen. More pressing matters like faulty plumbing or broken cabinets and countertops should be addressed quickly to prevent further damage or hindrance to your kitchen’s functionality. For those looking to perk up the appearance of their kitchen design, anticipate which will be the greatest areas of spending and allocate your budget accordingly. You’ll weigh your options and may find it best to save a project for later. Kitchen remodeling projects often increase a home’s value, but homeowners will only get back what they put into their home up to a certain extent. It’s best to get an idea of the home values in your area and factor that into your decision on how much to invest in remodeling projects now.

Invest in Layout, Electrical, and Plumbing

Foundational aspects of a kitchen, if you intend to make changes this big, should be the biggest priority. It’s often the most extensive and costly project to complete, such as converting to an open kitchen or adding a kitchen island that will require plumbing rework to account for the new sink or dishwasher placement. If you plan on changing anything having to do with walls, flooring, electrical wiring, or plumbing, now or later, invest in these adjustments first.

Prioritize Cabinets and Countertops

Cabinets and countertops are the priciest components of a kitchen to purchase and install correctly. Plus, it largely influences the storage space and practical use you can get out of your new kitchen. Be sure to invest in a construction that will last you a lifetime. You won’t be wanting to replace these in just a handful of years. Further, consider what will look attractive to future homebuyers, as they are less likely to purchase a house that will require additional remodeling work on their end.

These Can Wait

Typically, the “semi-permanent” fixtures of a kitchen are lower on the priority list, as it takes less time and money to complete. While you certainly need to hire a professional to complete the above-mentioned kitchen remodeling projects, some of these lower-priority changes can be accomplished by yourself in a day or a weekend. Hold off on replacing light fixtures and faucets, or purchasing new large appliances like a cooking range or refrigerator. Of course, if you plan on adding these changes, account for this in the earlier stages of electrical work or countertop measurements.

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