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Proactive Steps to Avoid Ever Needing Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Smith & Son's Contracting

Water damage is no joke.

Water damage is no joke. It ranks pretty high on almost every homeowners’ worst nightmare list. There are lots of reasons you might experience water damage in your home. Like a hurricane or a flood, a natural disaster is a big one and not something you can prevent. Other causes of water damage are a little more manageable, however. Read on for tips to proactively avoid needing water damage restoration services. 

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are often one of the main culprits for basement flooding, surprisingly. When gutters are full of leaves, dirt, and debris (or broken or missing entirely), they aren’t diverting the water away from the house. Instead, it runs down into the foundation and often into the basement. Most people assume it is enough to clean their gutters every fall simply. That is an important step, but you should also look out for ice build up in them during winter. When ice clogs them up, it is the same as if you’d just left the leaves in there. 

Sump Pump Maintenance

If you have a sump pump in your basement, it is there for a reason, but it is only worthwhile if it is working. Don’t assume that it is. Take the time to check your sump pump before the storms come so that when they do, it will pump the water away without issue. To examine your sump pump, pour water into the well and make sure that the float rises. Once it does, the pump should kick on, and then the water level should go down again. If any of these things don’t happen, have a professional come out to service your sump pump. 

Other Basic Home Maintenance

There is additional routine maintenance that you should be doing to prevent water damage, mainly since water damage is not limited to the basement. Have your roof checked for leaks yearly. Check around all windows and doors for leaks and caulk them. Check pipes and fixtures for small leaks and have a plumber come in and address them. Visually check your foundation for cracks and look for missing shingles or cracks in the siding a few times a year.  Keep an eye out for dark spots on ceilings and walls. These things may seem small, but they can become enormous, wet problems if they are left untreated. 

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