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How To Protect Your Home From Lightning Storms

Learn how to protect your home from lightning storms.

Learn how to protect your home from lightning storms.

During a severe storm, your house needs protection from the elements, including rain, wind, and lighting. While many people haven’t experienced a lighting bolt close up, it is actually the most dangerous and frequently encountered weather hazard that people face each year. Continue reading to learn the dangers of lightning and how to protect your home during a summer storm.

Potential Damages

Did you know a single bolt of lightning can carry over 100 million volts of electricity? With this power, lighting can cause some severe damages to your home. For example, a direct strike of lighting, which is by far the most dangerous, can rip through roofs and chimneys and ignite fires in the home. Indirect strikes of lightning can cause trees to fall on your home, or power lines to induce a power surge.

Ways To Protect Your Home

The first step to keeping your home safe from lightning is to have a professional design and install a certified lightning protection system. This system is not meant to prevent a lightning strike, but instead controls the electricity to a different path, which protects your home from a fire or explosion. It’s important to leave this installation to the professionals, as it requires certain skills and qualified specialists.

What To Do During A Lightning Storm

In addition to preparing your home with a lightning protection system, it’s important to know some safety rules about what to do during a lightning storm. First, it’s critical to find shelter, so if you are outdoors, find your way to a home or building. If you happen to be outdoors and can’t find cover, a car can also work as shelter from lightning strikes. However, trees and fences are at a high risk of being struck, so seek low ground with some natural protection as the last option.

If you are in your home, it is essential to stay away from any windows, doors, or conductors. Also, avoid plumbing or activities that use water, such as a shower or laundry, since water and metal conduct electricity. It’s also important to note that surge protectors do not protect against direct lightning strikes, so it’s good practice to unplug all electronics during a lightning storm.

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