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How To Protect Your Home From Wind And Storm Damage

Learn how to be prepared for storms and high winds, as they can cause extreme damage to your home.

The best way to protect your home from damage is to prepare ahead of time and take every precaution you can. Storms and high winds have been known to cause a considerable amount of damage to homes, especially to garage and external doors, windows, roofing, and siding. Don’t forget about the surroundings outside your home as well, as trees and telephone poles are at risk of falling on your home, and any furniture or items in the yard can turn into dangerous projectiles in a storm.

Cover Windows And Doors

When you hear about a potential storm in your area, consider installing steel or aluminum storm shutters to your windows and doors to keep them protected. Shutters can be installed ahead of time, as they can be easily shut in the event of a storm to prevent the window or door glass from being shattered.

Secure Shingles On The Roof

Roof damage can cause extensive problems for your home, as any rain can result in water damage. Before a storm, ensure that your roof is protected by securing the shingles properly. However, you don’t want to do this yourself, so call in a professional exterior remodeling contractor should take a look at the roof. They can use nails and staples to hold each shingle in place and install a waterproof underlayment under the shingles for extra protection.

Reinforce Garage Door

Bad storms can also cause problems to your garage door, damaging the door and possibly the items stored inside. Garage damage can lead to structural damage to the entire home, so it is a step you want to take very seriously when preparing for high winds. A garage door company can inspect your door to check if it can endure strong winds, and can tell you ahead of time if you need a repair.

Remove Trees And Yard Items

Throughout the year, you should keep an eye on any trees close to your home, and be prepared to remove them when they start to lean over your roof. In a storm, branches or entire trees will cause extreme damage to your home, so be sure to take precautions before a storm arrives. Also, before a storm or high winds hit your area, go through your yard and remove all lawn furniture and decorations. Any items can be dangerous for you and your neighbor’s homes in the event of a severe storm and should be properly stored away.

Wind & Storm Damage Restoration from Smith & Son’s

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