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Should I Remove My Bathtub During a Master Bathroom Remodel?

Should I Remove My Bathtub During a Master Bathroom Remodel?

Many people are choosing to forego the tub altogether these days, and we’ve seen shower-only setups become the go-to in the master bathroom remodel.

If you’re considering a master bathroom remodel, you may think that the bathtub is a must-have. For some, the tub is the ultimate symbol of luxury and relaxation. However, many people are choosing to forego the tub altogether these days, and we’ve seen shower-only setups become the fad. By getting rid of your bathtub, you may open up more space and create a master bathroom where you can age in place. We’ve seen so many people getting rid of their bathtubs during their master bathroom remodel that we want to go over some of the major reasons people choose to do so, in case that’s a choice that’s right for you and your home too!

You’re Working With a Smaller Space

If you’re low on space, you may consider nixing your bathtub. Showers take up less space, of course, making them ideal for bathrooms where space comes at a premium. You may want to add additional features that take up floor space like a storage cabinet. Or, you may just want a more roomy master bathroom. If you’re working on a master bathroom remodel in a modest space, you may want to consider getting rid of the bathtub altogether and just having a walk-in shower.

You Want Better Accessibility

Often, remodeling is about planning for your future. When you get older, you may end up having difficulty getting in or out of your shower, which is why many choose showers with curbless or roll-in designs. Alternatively, showers are easier for disabled people to use as well, which may be an important consideration for some. Opting out of having a bathtub may make your master bathroom much more accessible in the future and can be a crucial part of aging in place.

You’re Looking For Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, showers save water and energy compared to your standard tub, which can require up to 45 gallons of water for one bath! A regular shower with an efficient showerhead only uses half that amount. This is great for anyone who is environmentally conscious or if you just want to cut back on utility bills. Another note on efficiency: it’s much more efficient to clean a shower than a tub.

You Want a Bathroom That Fits Your Lifestyle

Let’s be honest: some people just like showers more than baths! Some of us simply don’t enjoy those long soaks in the tub. These days, many people have quick-moving lifestyles where all they need is a quick rinse in their shower to get them ready for their day. If that’s you, you may not miss out on a tub at all.

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