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Spring Cleaning Tips For A Mold-Free Home

Check out these spring cleaning tips for a mold-free home.

Check out these spring cleaning tips for a mold-free home.

Spring cleaning is ideal for organizing your home and transitioning your closet for warmer weather, but it’s also a great time to take preventative measures to fight mold. While you’re cleaning your bathroom and living room for the new season, you might as well take a few steps to ensure your home is safe from mold. Continue reading for a few cleaning tips for a mold-free home.

Clean Behind Appliances

Spring cleaning should be a deep-clean of your home, rather than a quick sweep and dust around each room. It’s important to move your major appliances and clean behind them since the area behind is a possible environment for mold growth. Be sure to unplug the appliances before disinfecting the area. You can even create your own natural mold cleaner simply by mixing equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This solution will be efficient on porous and solid surfaces, but be sure to avoid getting any solution in your appliance’s interior.

Disinfect Cabinets

Some of the dishes we put away in our cabinets contain moisture, whether they come straight for the dishwasher or you forgot to dry them completely. To prevent mold in your cabinets, it’s important to disinfect the area with your homemade cleaning solution. Take out all of the cups and plates in the cabinet, and use the water-vinegar solution to scrub away the interior and exterior. Be sure to scrub any grease and deep stains with a sponge to remove the bacteria, and allow your cabinets plenty of time to dry before placing items back.

Clean Your Mattress

While you likely clean your sheets and pillowcases often, do you ever think to clean your mattress? Cleaning your mattress is actually a crucial task, as mold can easily grow if left unattended. Start by vacuuming any debris and dust from the sides of your mattress. Next, use a cleaner such as hydrogen peroxide and scrub all areas, then deodorize by lighting coating the mattress in baking soda and allow it to cleanse for a few hours. Once it has been deodorized, brush off any excess cleaner, make sure it is completely dry, then put the cover back on and enjoy your mold-free mattress!

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