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Steps For Post-Disaster Return and Recovery After Natural Disaster

Check out the steps to post-disaster return and recovery after a natural disaster affects your home.

Check out the steps to post-disaster return and recovery after a natural disaster affects your home.

A natural disaster or emergency can occur at any time, and you may not be able to prepare your home for the damages. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes often have devastating effects on houses, and the recovery process is long and challenging. Continue reading for a few tips on how to recover after a natural disaster to make your home feel like home once again.

Entering Your Home

Before you enter your home after a disaster, it is crucial to have your home inspected by a qualified inspector or engineer, or wait until the authorities have declared it as safe. You should not enter your home if there is still flood water around the structure, or if you can smell gas coming from inside.

Once you are confident it is safe to proceed, enter your house carefully and check for damages. You never know what a disaster can bring in, so stay on high alert for animals, debris, and broken glass. Use a battery-powered flashlight and walk slowly, opening drawers and cabinets cautiously as objects may fall out.

What To Look For

The first things to inspect are the roof and foundation, as there may be structural damage. Once again, if you think the building is not sturdy or safe to be in, have a structural engineer inspect your home. Even if the building looks strong, there may be hidden damage in the foundation.

If there is no water, check the electrical system or broken or frayed wires and sparks. If there is standing water and you are wet, it is not safe to touch any electrical systems. Also, if appliances are wet, stay away and do not use them. Instead, turn off the electricity or call a professional, then unplug the appliances to let them dry out. Gas appliances will need to be inspected, cleaned, and the gas controls should be replaced.

Lastly, check your smoke detector and perform a few tests to ensure the battery is working. There may still be after effects of a disaster, and it’s crucial to have a working smoke detector and alarm.


If your house needs repairs, call a licensed and insured contractor to help restore your home. At Smith and Son’s, we provide post-disaster board up services after an emergency or natural disaster to assess the damage and secure your property. Boarding up your home is a crucial part of disaster restoration and clean up services to protect your home from animals, vandals, and the elements. We also provide storm, fire, and flood restoration services to make your home feel like home again as quickly as possible.

Post-Disaster Board Up Services & Restoration from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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