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Steps of a Whole-Home Remodel

Read our blog to know what to expect with a home remodel:

Read our blog to know what to expect with a home remodel!

Remodeling your whole house is quite an undertaking. Obviously, you have put a lot of thought into the reasons to take on such a big project. Now that you are committed to it, you want your home remodel to go as smoothly as possible. If you do your homework, choose an experienced contractor, and know what to expect, your project will be successful. Below is an outline of the steps that happen in a whole home remodel.


This first step is vitally important and will set the stage for the entire project. You need to have a vision for what you are trying to achieve. Then break it down into smaller pieces. Determine the style that you want to create. Will it be contemporary, English country, coastal, art deco? Think about your budget and come up with the numbers that you feel comfortable with. You may want to do some of the tasks yourself so write those down. Then decide on possible contractors to do the bulk of the work and get all the permits you’ll need. Get estimates and choose the company with the best reputation and that understands what you want to achieve. You will be working closely with this contractor, so make sure it is a good fit from the start.


This can be the fun part, taking out all the things you don’t like about your current home. It may involve removing carpet, taking out cabinets, or even removing walls. Make arrangements to stay elsewhere if the renovation will involve all of your living space or you won’t have electricity or water.


This is the carpentry portion of the home remodel. Your contractor will build walls, add windows, and frame doors. You will see your vision start to come to life at this stage.


In this phase, the subcontractors get to work. That includes electricians, the HVAC team, and the plumbers. Each component will be inspected.  


The first step is to install insulation in the walls and ceiling. This is done pretty quickly, and the drywall work starts when it is complete. It involves hanging drywall, taping, applying the spackle, and sanding. Your new windows will be installed when the walls are done.


Whether you choose carpet, hardwood, stone, laminate, tile, or some combination, the floors can be installed after the walls are done. Discuss this with your contractor, as some people prefer to finish the floors at the end of the project to prevent any damage.

Fine Carpentry & Appliances

Your new cabinets will be installed next, along with molding and trim around doors and windows. Appliances such as the stove, oven, sinks and faucets, bathtubs, showers, dishwasher, refrigerator, and washer and dryer will be installed. Your new home is taking shape and your dream is being realized.


At this stage, you are really getting close to completion. The walls will be painted (and papered, if you chose wallpaper) with the colors you selected, along with the molding and trim.

Final Touches

You and your contractor will walk through to see if anything else remains to be done. This could mean touching up the paint, hanging light fixtures, or adding hardware or shelving. All that’s left at this point is for you to add your individual interior design style and enjoy your new space.

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