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How to Check for Storm Damage in Your Home

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Checking for bad or damaged wires is extremely important when looking for storm damage.

It’s Spring, and that means flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up, and it’s time for some fun barbeques and outdoor events. However, there are some undesirable parts of the Spring season to be on the lookout for. One of those elements is Spring rain and windstorms. While the trees, grass, and flowers adore these storms, our properties and homes do not. This is especially important advice if your property is situated at the bottom of a hill or in an area where water runoff accumulates. After a storm occurs, you may need to check your property to make sure there is little to no storm damage. Storm damage, if unchecked, can lead to other expensive problems like mold buildup, water damage, and other plumbing issues. Here is a checklist on storm damage, so you’ll know what to look for after a spring storm.


Plumbing might be mostly underground or installed within the house’s walls, but that does not mean it isn’t immune to storm damage. If the storm is still occurring and a lot of water has accumulated, or you lose power from a fallen or broken power line, it might be best to shut off your water for the duration of the storm to protect your pipes. It’s also important to check any outdoor plumbing, like sprinkler or pool systems, after a storm. These can become easily damaged when the soil is wet from the rain. 


Roofs, especially those with shingles, can become easily affected by storm damage. If your roof is sturdy enough after a storm, it’s wise to check if any of the shingles have blown away or became cracked in the rain. If you notice any missing or any leaks in the roof, or any damage to the home’s exterior,  it may be a good time to find a quality storm damage contractor who can help with the repairs.


Any electrical appliance, especially those situated outdoors like grills, lighting devices, and pool filters, should be checked immediately after a storm for storm damage. Otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself or others at risk of electrical shock or fire. Look out for frayed or damaged wires, and if you notice any, immediately unplug that appliance from the electricity source. In addition, if any trees have knocked out power around your home, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call a tree removal expert to help. 

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