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Tips For Avoiding House Fires In The Summer

Check out these essential tips for avoiding a house fire this summer.

Check out these essential tips for avoiding a house fire this summer.

As we start to head outside to enjoy the nice weather, don’t forget about the dangers of summer fires. Summer comes with a few risks associated with house fires, but if you’re prepared and know what to look out for, you can avoid a fire and keep your family and home safe.

Outdoor Outlets

Between outdoor lawn tools and radios for pool parties, you’ll be using a lot of outdoor electrical outlets this summer. It’s crucial to be aware of how many plugs you are using to avoid overloading the circuit by keeping the watt usage at 1500 or below. Appliances and equipment can also overheat when left out in the sun, so be sure to monitor the condition of each appliance so nothing overheats. If anything feels too hot, unplug it and give it a break before plugging it back in.

Fire Extinguishers

Summer is a great reminder to inspect your fire extinguishers at home. Remember that having a fire extinguisher does not do you any good if it is not working properly, and it is crucial to perform maintenance and inspections a few times a year. While you hope never to have to use a fire extinguisher at home, it is best to be prepared in the event of an emergency.


You have probably heard the main issues and safety hazards with dryers, as lint caught in the vents can result in a house fire. In the summer, your washing machine and dryer are used more times than any other time of year, as clothes get sweaty, dirty, and wet from a beach day or swim. The overuse of your washing machine and dryer can increase the lint build-up, which in turn increases the risk of a fire. Be sure to clean the vents more frequently, and try to check the dryer for lint each time you use it to avoid an emergency.

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