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Tips For Making A Home Fire Escape Plan

Check out these tips for making a home fire escape plan.

Check out these tips for making a home fire escape plan.

A house fire can become a very real danger extremely quickly, and it’s important for your family to know the best way to get exit your home safely. Once a smoke alarm goes off, you will likely have only a few minutes to escape before the fire spreads rapidly through your home. Continue reading to learn how to be prepared for a house fire and how to make a fire escape plan.

Fire Protection Systems

Before planning a fire escape plan, it’s important to know about fire protection systems. A fire alarm or smoke alarm must be installed in every sleeping room in your home, as well as outside each sleeping area. Since closed doors may stop the spread of smoke and heat, you may not know a fire is occurring right outside your bedroom door in the middle of the night. Having multiple smoke alarms throughout your home is the best way to be quickly notified of a fire or smoke to exit as safely as possible.

Escape Planning Tips

  • Every member of your family should be involved with the fire escape planning, as it’s crucial for everyone to be aware of multiple routes out of the home. Families with younger kids should draw a floor plan of the home, with all exits labeled, including the windows. This way, they will easily be able to see the escape plan and commit it to memory.
  • It’s crucial to walk through your escape plan, as you may notice a window is hard for your child to open, or a path to a door is blocked by storage.
  • Once you have completed your escape plan, it’s important to have a designated outside meeting spot. This spot should be a safe distance from your home, such as a neighbors house or your mailbox, and every family member should go directly to this spot after exiting the home.
  • For household’s with infants or older adults with mobility limitations, assign one family member to assist them in the event of an emergency. It’s a good idea to also assign a backup person in case the original designee is not home during the emergency.
  • The most important rule of house fire safety is that once you’re out, stay out! You should never go back into a burning building for any reason. If a family member is missing, inform the firefighters when they arrive or when you call, as they have the skills and equipment to perform rescues.

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