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Tips For Organizing Your Water Damage Cleanup

Check out these tips for organizing your water damage cleanup.

Check out these tips for organizing your water damage cleanup.

It has been a very wet year, with huge rainstorms all summer and into the fall. If your home is prone to flooding, you know how much work it is to clean up the water damage after it rains. Or maybe, you’re not used to a flood situation. Perhaps your roof leaked, a pipe burst, your basement flooded for the first time or you have some other new leak in your home that has caused damage, and now you’re faced with a clean-up task that feels impossible. It’s not impossible, but it is a lot of work, and it becomes easier if you can stay organized.

The Phone Calls

The first place to stay organized is with all of the people you have to call, and it definitely feels like a boatload. When you first set out to clean up after major water damage, you’ll need to contact your insurance company, and this may mean communicating with your agent, additional customer service reps, and even an adjuster. Then, when it comes time to choose a restoration company or contractor, you’ll want to get quotes from multiple options and you’ll have lots of questions to keep track of.

Finally, there will be calls to friends and family, filling them in and making sure you have the support you need. Create a spreadsheet of who you’ve spoken to and what you discussed. Take notes in the spreadsheet while you’re on the phone and then jot down the next steps for when you’re done. It is a hectic and stressful time, so remove the worry of forgetting to do something by keeping organized notes and a solid “to do” list.


You’re going to need to document your losses for your insurance company. As things are being carted out, take pictures of them. Use these pictures to create a detailed list of the damaged items. Your insurance company may actually ask for the pictures as well, so it is good to keep them. This part of the process can be very difficult. It is sometimes physically taxing to dig and weed through all of the damaged stuff, but it is also emotionally taxing to part with your items that are damaged beyond repair. Ask a friend for help with the process and schedule breaks for yourself as you do it.

Choose Smith & Son’s Contracting for Your Water Restoration Needs

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