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Tips on Preventing House Fires in the Kitchen

Tips on Preventing House Fires in the Kitchen

Many house fires start in kitchens due to the various heating elements and appliances located in the kitchen. Let’s review some prevention tips.

As we head into the fall and winter seasons, many of you will begin to spend more time in your homes. This extends to eating and cooking at home. Whether it’s baking cookies or preparing holiday feasts, kitchens are a high traffic area and water damage might not be the only danger lurking. Many house fires start in kitchens due to the various heating elements and appliances located in the kitchen. Although you cannot guarantee prevention of every fire hazard or remove all possible sources, there is a lot you as a homeowner can do to reduce the chances of house fires starting in the kitchen. Today, let’s look at some ways to prevent house fires that start in the kitchen. 


Be sure to know the proper handling and cleaning procedures for all of your appliances, large and small. Clear crumbs from and clean out the toaster, wipe down the microwave, routinely clean the oven, and unplug any appliances that act unusually. These are common sense tips for any kitchen. If you suspect a faulty appliance, be sure to call a technician and have it repaired or replaced. Unplugging electric appliances when not in use can draw electricity even when turned off; if they are particularly old faulty wiring may lead to electrical fires.

Usage and Tips

There is plenty of work that goes down in the kitchen. All sorts of appliances are used and many ingredients are consumed and byproducts collected. When engaging in any kitchen activity, follow the below guidelines:

  • Keep metal out of the microwave. Most folks know tin foil should be kept out of the microwave, but the same goes for other metals as well.
  • Measure oil and grease accurately. Try not to use any more than necessary as hot grease and oil can splatter
  • Wipe up spills and clean the stovetop. Grease and oil buildup is highly flammable, and food particles collecting around the stove are also a fire hazard.
  • Avoid loose clothing and dangling hair. Unfortunately, both our clothing and hair are flammable, best to keep them as far away as possible.
  • Don’t leave food unattended, especially if it is actively cooking.

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