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Tips For Removing The Odor Of Water Damage From Your Home

Check out these tips and natural remedies to help remove the odor of water damage from your home.

Check out these tips and natural remedies to help remove the odor of water damage from your home.

Water damage can happen at any time in your home, whether it is from a leaky pipe, the aftermath of a fire, or a severe flood. It’s crucial to call for help to remove the water as quickly as possible, but even after the water is cleared, the smell caused by water damage can linger for weeks or months. To avoid the unpleasant odor taking over your home, check out these tips and natural remedies to remove the odor of water damage.


The first step to removing the smell of water damage is to open all doors and windows to air out your house. This also helps with ventilation and provides your home with better air circulation.

Remove Mold

It’s very likely your home will have mold and mildew from water damage, which can cause a musty smell to take over your house. If you can treat the mold yourself, undiluted white vinegar will kill mold and remove any odors. If you need help with removing mold, be sure to call Smith and Son’s for our mold remediation services, as we remove all mold growth from all affected surfaces as well as remove and clean any porous materials that could be harboring mold spores. Also, we take care of any musty or moldy odors left behind in your home after the mold removal process.

Baking Soda On Carpets

For carpets that were affected by water damage, it’s important to first remove excess moisture with a wet/dry vacuum and use fans to dry the carpet out. Once it is dry, you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and work it into the fibers with a broom, allowing it to sit overnight. Baking soda is safe to use around children and pets and is great for removing odors. After it sits for one night, remove the baking soda with a vacuum.

White Vinegar

Although white vinegar has a strong smell, it will fade quickly and take the musty odors of water damage with it. If your upholstery is affected by water damage, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray liberally. Also, if clothing or towels have a musty smell, add them to the washer with two cups of white vinegar. This will not only help to remove the odor, but will also kill any mold or mildew.

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