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Top Summertime Home Improvement Projects

Top Summertime Home Improvement Projects

Summertime is commonly used for fun, but you can be productive too! Take a look at these home improvement ideas for this season.

The summer months are often associated with vacation and relaxation. However, just because these months are most commonly used for fun, that doesn’t mean one can’t be productive. Many Americans are beginning to use their summer months and sometimes even vacations, to complete some home projects. Many home improvement ideas have been sweeping both new and seasoned homeowners into excitement over completing home improvement projects. Let’s look at a few today!

Power Washing

We’ve all seen the oddly satisfying videos of people using high powered washing equipment to clean their decks and other outside parts of the house. In addition to the satisfying action, power washing parts of your house can dramatically improve the look and feel of your outdoor areas. Your newly cleaned and washed deck and outdoor areas can give you an excuse to throw a party or a barbecue. 

Outdoor Upgrades

The summertime is perfect for home improvements that involve upgrading or adding amenities to both outdoor and indoor areas, like a sunroom. If you don’t already have one, the summer is an ideal time to decide what type of deck to build. With no threat of blizzards or cold weather to halt your projects, the right home improvement contractor can finish a project within weeks!

Improvements to Energy Efficiency

The price range for this type of home improvement project can vary wildly. Some upgrades include air-tight windows or smart thermostats. Air-tight windows paired with a smart thermostat can keep your house at the ideal temperature while using as little electricity as possible. Maybe a modern refrigerator is right for you. Most homeowners know the refrigerator is one of the biggest drains on electricity. By upgrading to an Energy Star fridge, you can cut electricity bills by quite a lot!

General Remodeling and Renovating

Perhaps the best you want to finally get around to remodeling your kitchen or that one bathroom that seems stuck in the 90s. Most homeowners and realtors agree that a remodel of a kitchen increases home value and the return on investment is quite positive. Whatever your choice is, the summertime months are great for things like kitchen remodeling. In fact, if you time it right you can be on a vacation while a trusted home improvement contractor completes the remodel start to finish.

Home Improvement from Smith & Son’s Contracting

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