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After Water Damage, Can Your Furniture Be Saved?

After Water Damage, Can Your Furniture Be Saved?

In the event of water damage, you could possibly salvage and restore your furniture to a pre-disaster state.

At some point in their lives, most homeowners will experience some form of water damage to their houses or furniture. Spring downpours or tropical storms can be equally as damaging as harsh, wet winters. Some furniture and parts of the home are covered under warranties or insurance, but not all. When water damage occurs to unprotected furniture or objects in the house, be sure to contact the area’s finest water damage restoration service, Smith & Son’s. But today, let’s do a quick rundown on some of the common types of furniture.


Real or fake, couch or chair, water can severely damage leather furniture and objects. Wet leather is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once mold or mildew takes hold, it can be very difficult to truly clean and restore the piece of leather furniture to its pre-disaster state. If you discover water damage to any leather furniture, remove it and attempt to dry it thoroughly. Hairdryers work wonders for this. If that is not enough, consult your warranty, consider reaching out to water damage specialists, or other guidelines.


Just like leather, wood can be all but destroyed by water damage. There are a few home remedies for water-stained wood, such as toothpaste, wood cleaner, or salt. However, severe outcomes of water damage can take the form of bends or warpings in the wood. These instances require a more thorough and advanced restoration procedure typically involving sanding down affected parts to remove it from the rest of the piece. 


One new thing to mention regarding fabric restoration is the type of fabric is essential, as well as the source of the water damage. If the water could be contaminated, be sure to use cleaning products that will not further damage your furniture. Heat treatment also works to remove bacteria and is a way to dry the fabric furniture. Many times furniture is a mix of wood and fabric with a wood frame and fabric upholstery. Keep this in mind, as you may need to consult different methods to restore the piece of furniture properly.  

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