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Water Damage from Flooding: What Should I Do?

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Natural flooding happens a lot on Maryland waterfront properties, but flooding water damage can occur anywhere with water pipes as well.

As we mentioned last week, it’s now springtime. And you know what that old-fashioned saying says, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” There is going to be a lot of rain over the next month, and sometimes the rain can cause flooding, especially in one-floor homes, garages, and basements. There are two types of storm damages to be wary about during the spring: physical damages to the house, plumbing and electrical systems, and water damage. Water damage is especially harmful because it can promote toxic mold and mildew growth, which can irritate human allergies and even make people deathly ill over time. Floodwater is also more dangerous than a tap water pipe leak because of all the dirt and bacteria that come with it. This doesn’t even scratch the additional surface of the thousands of dollars worth of property that can become damaged in flood overnight.  Therefore, if a flood occurs in your home and you suspect permanent water damage to your home and property, here are some preventative measures you can take. 

Schedule a Water Damage Inspection for the Property

As soon as the damage takes place, you’ll want to schedule a water damage inspection with a restoration specialist. A specialist should show up within hours of contact, depending on the severity of the flooding. An inspector will look for signs which can make water damage more severe, like standing water, water contamination level, and how long the flood water sat there. Next, they will estimate a relative cost of cleanup and if any structural areas of the property are salvageable or not.

Prepare for the Mitigation Process

Mitigation is the process of removing water from your home to prevent further water damage. This process will vary depending on how much flooding has occurred. For low levels of flooding, perhaps in only a small, concentrated area, all that will be needed is a commercial-grade wet-vac. However, for larger scaled, more severe flooding, more complex equipment will be necessary, especially in basements or anywhere underneath the ground.

Cleanup After Water Damage

Floodwater has a high rating on the toxicology scale due to it often containing tiny biological organisms, wildlife stool, and other potentially harmful bacteria. This means that you’ll need to expect a thorough cleaning after flooding water damage. Anything touching the flood water will need to be extensively wiped down with antibacterial cleaning measures or even steamed depending on the severity and how long the flood water stayed stagnant. 

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